1. Average Engagement Rate( AER) 

 The average engagement rate on any social media platform is the commerce position between your posts and youraudience.This is one of the primary styles for determining how well your social media marketing sweats are working for you, but it’s not as simple as counting the number of relations on yourposts.To calculate your average engagement rate, you ’ll add your total relations on either a specified number of posts or all your posts over a given period, peak by your number of followers, and also multiply by 100. still, add up all your relations( responses, commentary, If you want to calculate your engagement rate on a specific post.), peak by the total number of prints on your post, and also multiply by 100. BEST DIGITAL MARKETING COMPANY

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2. Applause Rate 

 What’s an applauserate?If you ’ve noway heard of this metric ahead, you are n’t alone. Your applause rate is the number of likes, pets, or other blessing conduct on each of yourposts.Think about why you click “ like ” on someone’s Facebookpost.Regardless of whether it made you laugh, you suppose it imparts a good idea, or some other reason, you decide to let the bill know that it has value toyou.In this same way, you can determine how important value your posts have to your followership. The further blessing conduct you get on your posts, the further value you ’re furnishing to youraudience.To calculate your applause rate, add up the number of blessing conduct on all your posts for a specific date or over a given period divided by your total number of followers, and multiply by 100. 

  1. Conversion Rate 

 Conversion rates are one of the most prominent criteria most companies track because it tells you how important profit your social media marketing is bringingin.Your conversion rate is the number of people who take some kind of action on your runner divided by your runner’s total callers. 

 Those conduct can include effects like 

 Clicking on your website link or another link of yours 

 Subscribing to your newsletter 

Registering for an event 

 Downloading commodity like an eBook, white paper, or other reopened means and visual donations Your conversion rate is so important that social media platforms themselves, along with analytics software, tend to put them frontal and center in yourmetrics.They do that because your conversion rate is the starkest illustration of how precious your followership thinks youare.However, you know it’s time to change your strategy, If you ’re getting lots of callers but many transformations. BEST DIGITAL MARKETING COMPANY

  1. Brand mindfulness 

 How important attention does your brand get? Are you a ménage name? Or only a small niche of people know who youare?Brand mindfulness is just the number of people who are apprehensive about your brand and is identified to word- of- mouthmarketing.Tracking brand mindfulness is commodity additional entirely,though.Your true position of brand mindfulness is how numerous people are and come apprehensive of your brand over a given reporting period, like aquarter.To determine this, look at your mentions, prints, shares, and clicked links across your social media platforms. Add them together and see how important attention you ’re getting over the time you ’ve chosen. Still confused? Brand monitoring tools can help you track your brand mindfulness and interpret the data for you. BEST DIGITAL MARKETING COMPANY

  1. Cost- Per- Click( CPC) 

 Cost- per- click, or CPC, deals with the advertising for which you ’re paying. For case, if you ’re running paid announcements on Facebook, your cost- per- click is how important you pay Facebook for each click on yourad.Most businesses devote a large part of their operating budget to advertising and marketing. Since you ’re likely to announce across several platforms, you might find yourself tempted to look at your totalspending.In that case, you have a more delicate time determining whether your advertising sweats on each platform are worth the plutocrat you ’re spending on each platform. Your CPC is a far better metric for that than your total quantumspent.You simply need to check each platform’s announcement director to see your CPC. Be sure to check it frequently. BEST DIGITAL MARKETING COMPANY